How to choose an effective hair loss product

hair loss

Efficacy of anti-hair loss products depends on selection of the most suitable hair care agent and continuity of its use.

Anti-hair loss treatments should be used for the period of at least 3 months. It is important to strengthen every single part of hair, both the very hair and its roots which are under the skin surface. It is worth to consult a dermatologist, who following a review of the patient’s medical history, will refer him or her to medical tests which will help identify the cause of hair loss and consequently select an effective product of external application.


Due to a wide range of possible causes of excessive hair loss and the fact that there may be a few different factors behind the problem, it is worth to use products containing a few different anti-hair loss ingredients. There are not only methods and means, which have been tested for centuries, boasting high quality (effective anti-hair loss product should supply hair with necessary nutrients, improving microcirculation of the scalp, oxygenation and improving anchoring of hair in the skin, (e.g. calamus extract), but also innovative complexes, both natural and prepared in laboratories, which reduce hair loss and stimulate hair to grow back.