Seboradin FitoCell Set - shampoo, mask, serum



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Seboradin FitoCell Set

The set includes:

1. Seboradin Fitocell shampoo 200 ml

2. Seboradin Fitocell mask 200 ml

3. Serum Seboradin Fitocell 15x 6 g


Effectiveness of Seboradin FitoCell treatment


Regular use of the entire treatment ensures:

• Strengthening and thickening the hair 86% *

• Reduction of hair loss 73% *

• Improvement of the condition and appearance of hair 82% *

• Hair regeneration 86% *


*Effectiveness confirmed by an independent, specialized research laboratory - self-assessment test under dermatological control on a group of 200 people.




Weak, thin hair with a tendency to hair loss and receding, hair that needs strengthening and nourishment. The plant stem cells treatment  timulates hair to grow back. For every hair type.


EFFECTS of Seboradin Fitocell Shampoo:


This new generation product contains PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica plant stem cells extract. It stimulates hair growth and delays the ageing process. Biotin reduces hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hair. Oligoelements from red algae reduce hair breakage and regenerate it. Wild rose extract, rich in flavonoids and vitamin A**, has antioxidant properties, protects hair against harmful effects of external factors. Alginates contained in bladder wrack offer a deep moisturizing effect, help to keep the appropriate hydration level of the scalp. Vitamin E increases the speed of hair growth. Menthol has a refreshing effect on the scalp. Thanks to the use of the full treatment, your hair becomes healthier, stronger, thicker and resistant to damage and hair loss.


EFFECTS of Seboradin Fitocell Serum:

Thanks to the content of the plant stem cells called PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica, the serum stimulates hair growth, delays and eliminates the hair ageing process by protecting stem cells in hair follicles. B vitamins (B3, B6, biotin) hinder excessive hair loss and stimulate growth of new hair, as well as facilitate proper functioning of the scalp. Chicory extract energizes the scalp and hair and protects against destructive impact of free radicals. It is an inhibitor of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, a substance that is responsible for androgenic alopecia. Thanks to the high content of zinc, calcium and magnesium, red algae extract makes hair stronger, prevents its breakage and excessive hair loss. This protective and moisturizing complex as well as honey intensively moisturize and regenerate the scalp and hair. D-Panthenol lends hair elasticity and volume. It also prevents hair frizz. Hair becomes strong, full of shine and more resistant to damage. It looks healthy and is easier to comb. It is also thicker, more resilient and less susceptible to adverse conditions. Hair loss is significantly reduced..


EFFECTS of Seboradin Fitocell Mask:

It stimulates hair growth and delays the ageing process. Cinchona root strengthens hair, reduces water loss and excessive hair loss. It is also the source of inulin - a natural prebiotic, which maintains the proper microflora of the scalp. Brazil nut oil is an excellent source of vitamin F (EFA). It creates a protective barrier for the lipids inside the hair. It has repairing and rebuilding properties. Silk milk proteins improve the looks of the hair follicle. Argan oil nourishes and intensively regenerates hair, reduces breakage and prevents split ends. Thanks to the presence of flavonoids, licorice extract shows strong antioxidant properties and thanks to glycyrrhizin, it maintains the proper level of the scalp and hair moisture. Nasturtium extract strengthens hair and improves its structure. Hair becomes shiny, has a healthy look and is easier to comb. Hair is thicker, stronger and more resistant to damage. Hair loss is significantly reduced.