Duopack Seboradin Forte Anti Hair Loss 7 ampoules + shampoo 200 ml



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Seboradin Forte Ampoules


Chronic hair loss. Hair thinning and a receding hairline. Hair and scalp care in androgenic alopecia. For women and men.


The product nurtures hair in chronic hair loss. Vitamin B prevents hair loss and thinning. Pepper and citrus tree extracts improve microcirculation in the scalp, strengthening hair roots and stimulating hair regrowth. Hop extract inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which is responsible for male androgenic alopecia. Ginseng extract stimulates hair to regrow, nourishes hair roots and oxygenates the scalp and hair. Vitamin H increases hair anchorage in the hair root. Olive tree extract has an anti-ageing effect on hair follicles, prolonging their ability to produce new hair. Discontinuation of the ampoule treatment and failure to maintain its effects with the use of the lotion may result in recurrence of the hair loss and thinning problem. Your hair becomes stronger, thicker and healthier.


Apply the content of 1 ampoule on the scalp, massage for about 2 min. Do not rinse! The massage of the scalp will improve circulation and make the active substances moisturise and strengthen hair follicle and bulbs. It is recommended to apply daily, in the morning or evening (irrespective of how often the hair is washed), on dry hair or hair which has been washed and dried with a towel. It does not weigh the hair down or make it sticky.

For best results, apply 1 ampoule daily for the minimum period of 3 months. Then, use Seboradin Anti-Hair Loss Lotion for everyday hair and scalp care to prevent hair loss and thinning. If the ampoule therapy is stopped and its results are not strengthened with the lotion, hair loss may intensify again.

The intensive scent of the product is the result of the large amount of active, natural components. The product does not cause allergies. Wash hands after applying the product. Be particularly careful in case of inflammation of the scalp (e.g. skin scratches)

Volume: 7 ampoules x 5.5 ml

Shampoo Seboradin Anti Hair Loss 200 ml


Hair loss and thinning. Hair and scalp care in androgenic alopecia. For women and men.


A shampoo is a product selected to suit the scalp type. It has protective and repairing effects on the scalp and hair. Olive tree extract has an anti-ageing effect on hair follicles. The amino acid complex of vitamin H enhances hair anchorage in the hair root and speeds up the proces of hair regrowth. Citrus tree extract improves microcirculation in the scalp. The vitamin complex as well as amino acids moisturize and revitalize the hair. By nourishing the hair roots, natural ginseng extract oxygenates the scalp. Hair becomes stronger, thicker and healthier.

Efficacy confirmed by an independent, specialist test laboratory - a self-evaluation test under dermatological control.


Apply the shampoo on wet hair, spread it and massage it into the scalp and hair. Leave it for 2-3 minutes, rinse and repeat. For daily use. It is recommended to use the shampoo with SEBORADIN products that are applied by rubbing them into the skin - such as lotions and ampoules: FORTE or AGAINST GREASY HAIR. Shake the product before use - due to the use of natural ingredients, residue may appear.