Booster Seboradin Revitalizing 50 ml



29,99 zł

24,99 zł


Regenerates hair – 95%*

Conditions and protects hair – 95%*


Daily care of all hair types, especially damaged hair requiring revitalisation and regeneration. The product should be used to increase the effectiveness of hair conditioning of the shampoo and hair mask.


The booster contains: amino acid complex, precious oils: hemp and macadamia and minerals: zinc, copper and magnesium. The product intensively regenerates and nourishes dry and damaged hair, while strengthening and moisturising it. It has a positive effect on the hair structure, preventing brittleness and split ends. It prolongs the colour dye on hair. It provides protective action on hair damaged by styling and dyeing.

When used regularly, it restores shine to dull hair – hair shine improvement in each of the study participants. **

* The effectiveness confirmed in an independent specialist testing laboratory – self-assessment test after 4 weeks of regular use of the product by 20 study participants.

** Confirmed by instrumental tests conducted with a spectrophotometer after 4 weeks of regular use on 8 study participants.


Apply a small amount of the booster to the palm of your hand, then combine it with a suitable shampoo or hair mask. Distribute evenly and massage the mixture into the scalp and hair. Leave for about 4 minutes, thoroughly rinse with water. For best results, it is recommended to use it for min. 1 month each time you wash your hair. We recommend using Seboradin Revitalising booster mainly with a properly chosen hair mask (balm).