Shampoo and Shower Gel Seboradin Men Sport 2in1 200 ml



16,99 zł

13,99 zł

Indications for use:

Shampoo and shower gel for daily care of all types of hair, scalp and body.


Properties and effect

The product is designed for active men who appreciate high quality, efficiency and ease of use. Marine algae enhance and restore the ionic balance of the skin; their refreshing properties work even during intensive physical activity or at high ambient temperatures. Thanks to the moisturising properties of Tara, a Peruvian plant, the product improves the look of your skin and hair. Guarana energises and oxygenates the body and strengthens the hair. Babassu oil nourishes the skin and hair and protects against adverse environmental factors. Seboradin Men Sport produces a rich foam and leaves a nice masculine scent on the skin and hair. Systematic use of Seboradin Men Sport energises, moisturises and nourishes the skin. The hair becomes strong, healthy and shiny.


How to use:

Apply the product on wet body, spread it and massage, Rinse,repeat. For daily use. It is recommended to use wit others Seboradin Men products.