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Spray Seboradin Men Anti Grey Hair 200 ml



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Spray Seboradin Men Anti Grey Hair 200 ml


reverses the greying process – 95%*

slows down the greying of hair – 90%*


natural phytopigments

linseed extract



Grey hair, weakened hair, the first signs of greying have appeared. Reverses the greying process and strengthens the natural dark colour of your hair. For men.


The spray contains a complex of natural ingredients and peptides that contribute to reversing the greying process and improving hair pigmentation. It reduces the amount of grey hair. When it is used regularly, your hair becomes stronger and healthier and regains its youthful appearance. The product prevents the yellowing of hair. The spray enhances the natural colour of your hair, causing it to darken naturally. Instrumental tests confirmed that regular use of Seboradin Anti Grey Hair Spray For Men for 8 weeks reduces the amount of grey hair and strengthens natural hair colour.

*Efficacy confirmed by an independent, specialist testing laboratory using a self-assessment test under dermatological control.


Spray your hair thoroughly from root to tip and also close to the scalp, then massage in gently. Let it dry, do not rinse. Daily use is recommended for at least 2 months, regardless of how often you wash your hair. Because it contains plant based components, wash your hands with warm water after applying and massaging and avoid contact with light coloured items until your hair is dry.