Spray Seboradin Antibacterial with bactericidal and virucidal effect 200 ml



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Authorization numer 0789/TP/2020

RECOMMEDATIONS: Spray with bactericidal and virucidal effect intended for decontaminating hands.

ACTION: The spray has an immediate decontaminating effect. Effictivness guaranteed thanks to the high concentration of ethyl and isopropyl alcohol and natural plant ingredients with, among others bactericidal and virucidal. Thymol and St. John's wort extract inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Tea tree oil and pine oil have bactericidal and antiseptic properties. The calamus rhizome extract has a disinfecting effect. Use directly on the hands without dilution. The product is recommended for use especially when it is not possible to wash your hands with water.

HOW TO USE: Spray your hands thoroughly. Spread, leave the product on the skin, do not rinse. Do not use on face, protect eyes. May cause transient skin irritation. Frequent use may result in skin sterilization, use probiotic preparations. The unused product does not present a risk to the environment, can be poured into the general effluent flowing into the treatment plant. Empty packaging is recycled as indicated. Biocidal products should be used with caution. Read the label and product information before each use.

ACTIVE SUBSTANCES: Ethanol 70g / 100g, 2-propanol (propan-2-ol) 6.92g / 100g INCLUDES: Ethanol, 2-propanol (propan-2-ol), FR 11, H225, H319, H336 and: Water, St. John's wort extract, Propylene glycol, Pine oil, Calamus spirit extract, Thymol, Tea tree oil, Castor oil, Lactic acid.

Capacity: 200 ml

Entity responsible: LARA Edyta Pawluśkiewicz Ul. Sadowa 32 61-657 Poznań www.seboradin.pl sklep@seboradin.pl Infolinia 801 005 038