Inter-Fragrances a partner for More Beautiful Life Foundation

Inter-Fragrances joined the MORE BEAUTIFUL LIFE Foundation which helps women who undergo cancer treatment. 

What does the work of the Foundation consist in…. 

The "More Beautiful Life" Foundation organises free workshops on beauty care and make-up for patients in cancer hospitals. 10 women participate in a one-time workshop. The workshops are led by volunteers - professional make-up artists and beauticians, who present a multi-stage skin care and make-up programme to 10 patients, helping to overcome and hide the visible side effects of chemotherapy. 

"More beautiful life" with Seboradin brand - in other words, how we want to help…. 

The purpose of the workshops is to make women who suffer from cancer forget about their disease at least for a little while, spend a good time in the company of other women and feel beautiful. At the end of the meeting, the participants receive a case with cosmetics of various brands to use at home. Starting from the next meeting, our Niger Ampoules will be also added to the case.

More Beautiful Life Programme was created in Poland in 2006 and it currently operates in 24 counties around the world. Over 1000 patients have participated since the beginning of its Polish edition. 

Being a partner of the Foundation, we belong to the elite group of 35 partner companies who offer their products to support the action organised in hospital oncology wards. Companies which support the Foundation include: Eris, Oriflame, FlosLek, Dax Cosmetics, Oceanic, the Polish Union of Cosmetics Industry, Eveline, Sephora, Loreal, Dermika, Estee Lauder, Bell, Nivea, Ziaja, Biotherm, and others.



Seboradin was created in a company called Inter Fragrances established in 1978 in Poznań. Its founder, Ignacy Zenon Soszyński, opened one of the first and biggest Polish community companies at that time, officially registered on 20 December 1978 under the full company name “Zakład Produktów Aromatycznych i Kosmetycznych: Inter Fragrances – La Foret”. It was the first company of this type in Poznań and only 12th operating at that time in Poland.

High attention to top quality of products, years of experience in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals production, as well as a qualified team of experts and its own specialised laboratory contribute to the success and dynamic development of Inter Fragrances. Our company is currently the leading producer of hair and scalp treatment formulas.

The mission of our company is continuation of effective, nature-inspired cosmetic tradition, which ensures health and beauty. Since 2000 the company has been managed by Edyta and Filip Pawluśkiewicz who with passion and determination based on experience, knowledge and tradition build a modern and dynamic enterprise, perfectly suited to the changing market. The company represents high quality in all of the areas of its activity.

We are specialized in production of hair care and treatment product, available in pharmacies on the website under Seboradin trademark. Their effectiveness has been recognized by the highest authorities in the field of dermatology in Poland: Prof. Ligia Brzezińska-Wcisło, Prof. Sławomir Malewski, Prof. Ryszard Żaba, Dr. Monika Kapińska-Mrowiecka.

Our products received numerous rewards and distinctions awarded by pharmacists and customers who use Seboradin cosmetics on a daily basis.

Our company is a member of the Polish Union of Cosmetics Industry

We are proud to announce that our company has been accepted to the elite group of Members of the Polish Union of Cosmetics Industry. 

There are over 100 companies in the Polish Union of Cosmetics Industry. The members include producers and distributors of cosmetics throughout Poland, as well as laboratories, consulting firms and educational centres. 

The Union is an intermediary between the cosmetics industry in Poland and the Polish Government and the European Parliament. 
It's an organisation which gives opinions on draft government acts concerning the cosmetics industry, presents its own legislative initiatives and takes actions to transform them into current legal regulations. 

As a member of Cosmetics Europe, we are systematically informed about changes in the EU cosmetics legislation, and we have the opportunity to speak at the international forum. We are a part of the elite society.


Effectiveness and highest quality

Seboradin cosmetics are effective and safe. It has been confirmed by clinical research conducted under dermatological control, as well as many years of cooperation with dermatologists and trichologists. We constantly care about top quality and safety of our products. In compliance with the EU law, all of the cosmetics are produced based on the GMP practice, pursuant to ISO standard 22716. This qualifies our cosmetics as belonging to the top quality product group. Production in the GMP system guarantees full control over manufacturing processes, ranging from quality control of ingredients, control of tincture production, packing & customizing processes and control of an end product to the warehousing process.

Product safety is ensured by absolute hygiene of machines and devices, precision of cleaning and disinfection processes, rigorous hygiene of the personnel and production technology, as well as the use of deionized water. We also pay special attention to the highest quality of raw materials from which our effective cosmetics are made. Their distinguishing feature is high content and variety of natural active ingredients.

For our company and employees top quality is the quality reflected on every level of our activity.

Due to their high effectiveness and safety, Seboradin treatments are recommended to patients by the highest authorities from the field of dermatology: Prof. Ligia Brzezińska-Wcisło, Dr. Monika Kapińska-Mrowiecka, Prof. Ryszard Żaba, Prof. Sławomir Majewski.