1. Seboradin Online Shop is operated by the company Edyta Pawluśkiewicz LARA Sp. z o.o.
  2. Seboradin Online Shop does not have a legal personality. Any liabilities and rights undertaken and acquired by Seboradin Online Shop are acquired to the benefit and for the account of LARA.
  3. The registered office of Seboradin Online Shop is in Leśna 2/10, 30-232 Kraków
  4. Upon placing an order, the customer will automatically receive a copy of the order as an order confirmation sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer.
  5. All orders are processed according to the order in which they are received until the ordered products are out of stock. Should any of the products ordered by the customer be out of stock, the customer will be informed about this fact by e-mail.
  6. Ordered products will be dispatched within 2-4 working days starting from the moment of order confirmation (Cash on Delivery option) or crediting the payment to our account (Advance payment). Should the ordered product be temporarily out of stock, we will inform the customer about order completion time in a separate e-mail. In the event of problems with processing an order, the customer will be immediately notified about this fact. Delivery time may therefore be prolonged due to reasons beyond the Shop’s control.
  7. An order will be processed if it contains a delivery address and a telephone number of the customer. Should any suspicion arise regarding inaccuracy of data or dishonest intention of the customer, the company reserves the right not to dispatch the product.
  8. On the dispatch day we will send the customer an e-mail notification about the dispatch.
  9. Online Shop offers the following payment methods:
    • Cash on Delivery (the customer pays for the parcel to a postman, a courier or at a post office upon its receipt)
    • Advance Payment: a parcel is sent once the payment is credited to the Shop’s account. Should the customer choose the “Advance Payment” option when placing an order, a bank account to which the payment should be transferred will appear in the order confirmation.
    • Online Payment - dot.pl, PayPal.pl
    Orders have a 14-day expiration date. Should an advance payment not be credited to the Shop’s account within this time, the order will automatically be cancelled.
  10. Each customer receives a receipt or an invoice if such an option was selected by a customer when placing an order.
  11. Selecting the “invoice” option authorizes LARA to issue an invoice without a signature of the recipient.
  12. Any orders placed by the customer may be cancelled by e-mail (sklep@seboradin.pl) or phone (0-61 896 15 06). Order cancellation shall only be possible in the case of orders which have not been processed.
  13. Pursuant to the Consumer Rights Protection Act of 2 March 2002, a customer may resign from a product purchased at IF Online Shop without providing any reasons within 10 days from the date of receiving the purchased item. This is possible only if the purchased product has not been used, copied or destroyed in any way. A receipt or an invoice must also be returned with the product. IF Online Shop guarantees return of the product value. The payment will be transferred to the customer’s account or sent by a postal order. A delivery cost will not be reimbursed, the customer covers also the cost of sending back the product.
  14. In the case of filing a product complaint, please send a defective product back to IF Online Shop. The company does not accept any returns made by cash on delivery shipments. The costs of sending back a defective product will be returned immediately after accepting the complaint. Please send the defective product with the receipt or invoice and a description of the reason for its return. The product will be replaced with a product of full value as soon as possible.
  15. The price displayed next to the product does not include a delivery charge. A delivery cost will be added to the value of the product purchased during order placement. Therefore, the final cost includes the price of the product and a dispatch price. Parcels are delivered by Poczta Polska (Polish Postal Service) and GLS courier company. The price list with delivery costs can be found under “Delivery” tag.
  16. The number of products ordered is unlimited.
  17. Pursuant to Art. 24 section 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act, personal data of the purchaser will be entered into IF online Shop’s data base solely for the purpose of order processing and will not be made available to any other parties. Every customer has the right to review and correct their personal data.
  18. All prices are provided in PLN and include VAT.
  19. To any matters not settled herein, provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.
  20. Additional information:
    • Orders can also be placed by phone or fax (0-61 896 15 26) or by mail sent to the Shop’s address.
    • Payment transfer data: Edyta Pawluśkiewicz LARA Sp. z o.o., ul. Leśna 2/10, 30-232 Kraków, bank account: 17 1600 1462 1897 1183 8000 0002