What can be done to prevent hair loss

hair loss

Increased hair loss is a sign of malfunctioning of a very complex machinery, which is the human body.

First of all, in order to prevent hair loss, necessary nutrients should be provided, both from the inside (by using an appropriate and balanced diet, which is rich in vitamins and minerals), as well as by applying high quality products of external use which strengthen hair. Destructive influence of external factors should be reduced as much as possible, i.e. we should limit the problem of weakening of hair caused by: the use of styling and beauty products (dyes, bleachers, fixing solutions, hair sprays, hair gums) and devices which damage the natural protective barrier of hair (hairdryers, straightener, hair curler, rollers). Hair should also be protected against mechanical damage, caused by improper treatment - e.g. while combing or styling.

The basic measure preventing excessive hair loss is the use of properly selected hair care products. Suitable therapy provides hair with a sufficient amount of nutrients as well as substances which moisturize and protect hair against detrimental effects of external factors, increase its moisture, provide vitamins and minerals. Lack of these elements results in weak hair condition and excessive hair loss.

Effective results are achieved thanks to the use of products intended for scalp and hair roots care: lotions and ampoules, which by gentle movements are rubbed onto the scalp. This results in better penetration of active product ingredients, as well as improved blood supply of hair follicles (skin organs responsible for hair production)

The most important elements which hair should regularly be supplied with are: vitamins A, E, F, B-group vitamins, sulfur, iron and zinc. What is crucial is an immediate diagnosis of any excessive hair loss, selection and use of appropriate products which reduce hair loss and make it stronger. Scalp massage also plays an important role as it increases blood supply, consequently leading to improved penetration of active substances, which come from food and products of external use.