Seboradin Anti Hair Loss

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Cosmetics Anti Hair Loss:

Cosmetics Anti Hair Loss are an obligatory point in the care of people struggling with this unpleasant ailment. A thinning hairstyle is a problem that can affect anyone, at any age, and the reasons for its appearance can be very diverse - from genetics, through poor diet and stress, to a reaction to medications. The solution is to diagnose and eliminate the source and select appropriate measures for hair loss. We want to help our clients in the fight for thick, strong hair, which is why we have created a series of Seboradin Anti-Hair Loss products.

Seboradin Anti Hair Loss:

Seboradin Anti Hair Loss is a line that includes: a specialized shampoo for hair loss, balm, mask, lotion and ampoules with highly concentrated substances. All products have a specially developed formula and are rich in nutrients, vitamins and plant extracts. In order to achieve fully satisfactory results, regularity and comprehensive action through a 4-stage treatment is necessary:

1. Anti-hair loss shampoo,

2. Conditioner / mask for hair loss,

3. Lotion / ampoules,

4. Hair dietary suplement.

How do Seboradin Anti Hair Loss work?

Seboradin Anti Hair Loss are products which eliminate the problem of hair loss and thinning. The preparations effectively reduce the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) - a hormone that weakens the hair follicles. In addition, they improve the blood supply to the scalp, making it more oxygenated and nourished, and stimulate the growth of hair bulbs. As a result - the hairstyle becomes thicker and the hair is in better condition. According to research, the effectiveness and strengthening of hair is as high as 84%! *

* Self-assessment test under dermatological control, after 6 weeks of using Seboradin Anti-Hair Loss shampoo and lotion. The effectiveness has been confirmed in apparatus tests by an independent, specialized research laboratory.

Who are Anti Hair Loss cosmetics recommended for?

The Seboradin series of cosmetics anti hair loss is recommended for people:

  •   with the problem of falling out, thinning hair,
  •   with androgenetic alopecia
  •   with the increasing formation of hair bends,
  •   with excessive hair loss associated with taking medications or systemic diseases,
  •   women struggling with "post-pregnancy" hair loss