Seboradin Bebe

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Seboradin BEBE is a unique series for children and people with sensitive, dry and atopic skin, prone to allergies and irritations. It is recommended for the daily care and protection of delicate skin. The series includes both body and hair cleansing products, and skin care products after bathing.

The BEBE series is intended for children from the first days of their lives. Due to the use of delicate and carefully selected active ingredients, they are hypoallergenic products, free from  unnecessary fragrances. Their effectiveness has been confirmed in dermatological tests, while ophthalmological tests have confirmed that the 2-in-1 shampoo and gel as well as the washing vath emulsion do not cause watery eyes.

The effects of using Seboradin BEBE products are visible after the first application, which has been confirmed in application tests carried out under dermatological control on a group of people with sensitive, atopic skin, in a specialized independent research laboratory.

The Seboradin BEBE series includes:

  1. Seboradin BEBE Shampoo&bath gel 2w1
  2. Seboradin BEBE Bath emulsion
  3. Seboradin BEBE Nourishing body cream
  4. Seboradin CLEAN BEBE Herbal liquid soap

Seboradin BEBE is intended for:

  •        for children from the first days of life,
  •        for people with sensitive and atopic skin,
  •        for people struggling with the problem of dry skin, prone to irritation and allergies,
  •        for people reacting with skin hypersensitivity to standard detergent cosmetics - with skin intolerance to SLS / SLS.