Seboradin FitoCell

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How do cosmetics Fitocell work?

Shampoo, mask and serum for hair growth is a set designed for comprehensive action. Each of them works slightly differently, therefore, in order to achieve a fully satisfactory effect, it is necessary to use a multi-stage treatment: hair thickening shampoo + mask + serum = visibly thickened hairstyle. Hair supplements with a composition of minerals and vitamins that will take care of your beauty from the inside will complement external care.

The effectiveness of regular use of the full Seboradin FitoCell treatment:

Strengthened and fuller hair 86% *

Reduced hair loss 73% *

Improved hair condition and appearance 82% *

Hair regeneration 86% *

* Effectiveness confirmed by an independent, specialized research laboratory - self-assessment test under dermatological control on a group of 200 people.

How to use Seboradin FitoCell?

Hair thickening shampoo with stem cells cleanses the scalp and hair - can be used daily. The preparation does not weigh the hair down.

The hair growth mask conditions hair shaft -  is intended for use 2 to 3 times a week.

We recommend using the serum that nourish the hair roots and stimulates hair growth every day, preferably in the evening. Squeeze the contents of the tube into the scalp. Do not rinse!

Who is Seboradin FitoCell recommended for?

Seboradin FitoCell preparations - shampoo, mask and serum stimulating hair growth - are recommended for:

  •   People with the problem of falling out, thinning hair,
  •   People who want to accelerate hair growth,
  •   People who want to thicken and improve hair structure,
  •   Supportive women and men in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia,
  •   Women struggling with "post-pregnancy" hair loss,
  •   Elderly people with lower hair thickening with age.