Food supplement

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Food suplement

Nutrikosmetics, also known as cosmetics in tablets, are food supplements in the form of capsules, which provide the body with ingredients responsible for hair, skin and nails. Seboradin Pro Care Complex is hair and nail supplement with a specially prepared composition. These small capsules are rich source of active ingredients responsible for maintaining the proper condition of hair, skin and nails. The innovative formula guarantees comprehensive action. Seboradin Pro Care Complex complements the necessary, recommended doses of active substances. The offered vitamins for hair and nails provide 100% of the daily requirement for biotin, zinc, selenium and copper. In addition, they contain the Swiss, patented ingredient from organic green pea sprouts - AnaGain ™ Nu, which stimulates the skin warts necessary for the growth of new hair.

How does Seboradin Pro Care Complex food supplement work?

Seboradin Pro Care Complex food suplement:

  •        keep healthy, shiny hair, strong nails, soft, firm skin,
  •        extend the life cycle of hair and restore its vitality,
  •        prevent excessive hair loss,
  •        have anti-aging properties for the scalp&hair

To obtain fully satisfactory results, we recommend the use of multi-stage care: shampoo, balm or mask, hair ampoules and a  dietary supplement. A comprehensive approach and strengthening both from the inside and the outside is the key to success.