Seboradin Sensitive

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Seboradin Sensitive

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic disease characterized by dry, very sensitive skin prone to irritation. In order to relieve symptoms and prevent their recurrence, people struggling with this problem should use appropriately selected care. To meet the needs of people struggling with this problem, we offer balms and shampoos for atopic scalp.


Seboradin Sensitive - rescue for sensitive scalp

Seboradin Sensitive is a series of products specially designed for the sensitive and demanding scalp. Special composed composition and light formula make the cosmetics soothe irritation, reduce inflammation, reduce redness, flaking and itching. It is in vain to look for artificial dyes, parabens, SLS and SLES in them. Fully safe and gentle, they are a rescue for the sensitive scalp. At the same time, cosmetics- thoroughly cleanse and have a positive effect on the condition of the hair, moisturizing and strengthening them from the roots to the ends.


Seboradin Sensitive shampoo and balm is a perfect duo for people with atopic dermatitis, but also for weak and thin hair that requires gentle care. Cosmetics can be used daily. They have a very delicate fragrance, so they can be used by both women and men.


Who is the Seboradin Sensitive series recommended for?

Seboradin Sensitive shampoos and balms are recommended for people:


  •        with sensitive, allergic, itchy scalp,
  •        with atopic dermatitis (AD),
  •        with a dry, exfoliating scalp,
  •        with SLS / SLES intolerance or those looking for this type of product, e.g. after keratin hair straightening,
  •        with fine, thin hair.