Seboradin Anti Dandruff

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Dandruff is a common scalp disease with itching, inflammation and fine white or yellow scales. It reduces the quality of life, but can also decrease self-esteem. If you want to get rid of it, it is worth reaching for the appropriate cosmetics. The anti-dandruff treatment consists of products designed specifically for people struggling with the problem of excessive flaking of the scalp. Regular use effectively combats the problem and prevents its recurrence.

Seboradin Anti dandruff

Seboradin Anti-dandruff is a series of products designed to remove signs of dandruff and prevent its reappearance. Anti-dandruff shampoo very gently and at the same time very effectively cleanses the hair and scalp. It strengthens, eliminates itching and soothes irritations. It successfully restores the scalp's normal microflora, removing the visible signs of dandruff in 100%. The ampoules prevent the problem from reoccurring. They inhibit the formation of dandruff and oily hair. Thanks to the care ingredients contained in the composition, the preparations also improve the appearance of the hair, strengthen it and give it shine. Seboradin anti-dandruff treatment is recommended for both dry and oily dandruff.


Seboradin anti dandruff treatment is a series recommended for people:

  •        with dry and oily dandruff, excessive exfoliation of the epidermis,
  •        prophylactically to prevent dandruff recurrence,
  •        with itchy, irritated scalp,
  •        looking for a preparation that normalizes the work of seborrheic glands.