Seboradin Oily Hair

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Seboradin Oily Hair

Oily hair is a troublesome problem resulting from the overproduction of sebum. The reasons for its appearance can be different - from genetic conditions, through hormonal disorders, inadequate diet, to inadequate care. Hair prone to frequent greasy requires proper treatment. Professional preparations for greasy hair will help restore them to their proper condition and enjoy a fresh hairstyle for a long time.

Seboradin Oily Hair is a series of products that include: ampoules, anti-seborrheic shampoo, lotion and balm. Intended for people who have noticed increased hair loss, struggling with seborrheic scalp inflammation, psoriasis and dandruff. Each of the products has a slightly different effect, and together they provide comprehensive care - less skin discomfort, redness and itching, and healthier, shiny hair. The basis for achieving the expected results is the regular use of multi-stage care.

Ampoules - rich in a complex of B vitamins, aloe, plant extracts, essential oils. The light formula does not weight down the hair or overdry it. They effectively nourish, thicken the hairstyle and make the hair less greasy. Use it daily for a minimum of 3 months.

1. The shampoo for seborrheic scalp perfectly cleanses the scalp and provides hair with nourishing care.

2. The lotion is responsible for nourishing the hair root.

3. The balm makes it easier to comb the hair.

4. Hair dietary supplements.

Who is the Seboradin Oily Hair recommended for?

Seboradin Oily hair shampoo for seborrhoeic scalp, lotion, and ampoules are preparations designed especially for people struggling with problem of oily hair but also for people

  •   with hair loss caused by seborrhea,
  •   with periodic hair loss associated with, for example, the change of seasons, vitamin and mineral deficiencies,
  •   with scalp diseases (seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, itching, dandruff),
  •   whose hair needs strengthening and condition improvement.