Seboradin Ampoules

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Seboradin Ampoules

Hair ampoules are highly concentrated preparations applied to the scalp. They prevent hair loss, oily hair or dandruff. However, in order to get the maximum benefit, it is necessary to use a multi-stage treatment regularly: shampoo, balm or mask, ampoules and good hair supplements. The basis is the appropriate selection of preparations for the problem. A thinning hairstyle needs ampoules against hair loss, anti-dandruff ampoules will help to fight dandruff, weakened hair will be strengthened by a serum with stem cells, etc.

In ampoules, we have closed a large portion of highly concentrated active substances, composed to  best suit individual needs. We have, among others, ampoules against hair loss, a treatment supporting the fight against seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and psoriasis. The combination of natural plant extracts, vitamins, micro and macro elements is a nutritional bomb for hair. Packages contain 7 or 14 ampoules, each with a capacity of 5.5 ml.


How to use Seboradin ampoules?

1.  Apply one ampoule to the scalp.

2.  Massage in and leave without rinsing.

3.  Leave for min. 30 minutes. We recommend leaving the contents of the ampoule on the scalp overnight without rinsing.

4.  Hair washing and styling.


Seboradin hair ampoules have a light formula, thanks to which they are quickly absorbed and do not weight down the hair. The ampoules available in our offer are intended for daily use for a minimum period of 3 months.